PRELUDE for PEACE is a chamber group of Jewish and Arab musicians consisting of nay, oud, violin, cello, and piano that strives for artistic excellence. The ensemble amalgamates western classical music with traditional Arabic music resulting in an extremely unique musical voice. Its mission includes fostering collaboration, interaction and better communication between Arabs & Jews while showcasing the rich Arabic and Jewish musical traditions.

"Growing up in this “Jewish-Arabic” context formed the basis of his ‘Seeds of Hope’ composition... with the objective of fostering collaboration between Jews, Muslims and Christians."

- Malta Today 

Doron Kima “utilizes some extremely arresting musical gestures and makes good use of jazzy rhythms, with effective use of contrasts between sections. The composer is clearly in control of the material and instruments”

- The American Prize Composition Competition



Founder & Music Director

Founder of Prelude for Peace, was born to Jewish Iraqi parents in Israel. Doron seeks to promote cultural understanding, tolerance, and communication in particular between Muslims and Jews. Doron's music reflects his musical background that includes western classical, jazz, and Arabic music, which culminates with an extremely unique musical voice.

As a composer Doron’s music spans from symphonic and chamber ensemble compositions to jazz. His compositions are published by Schott Music Corporation and Navona Records with a worldwide commercial distribution by Naxos.

The world premier of his concerto-type composition Seeds of Hope for nay (Arabic flute), oud (Arabic lute), and symphony orchestra took place in St. Paul’s cathedral in Mdina, Malta with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Syrian nay player Bashir Abdel Al, Palestinian oud player Nizar Al Issa, and French conductor Raoul Lay as part of their Notes of Faith Concert during the Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale. His piece Dialogue for solo organ was commissioned by organist Cal Johnson and earned its Jordan premier at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Amman, Jordan. 

As a pianist he recorded/performed with Deborah Brown, Carl Allen, Mike Stern, Marcus Printup and Vincent Gardner among others. His works are published by Mercury Records (collaboration with Cross-Fade productions, Netherlands) and Bald Wins Records. He appeared at major festivals in the US, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Israel. These include the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, and the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Israel.

As an educator Doron taught at Florida State University, the Open University of Israel, and conducted master classes at the National Editus Academy and the University of Costa Rica San Jose. He earned his doctorate in composition from Florida State University and served as a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. Doron is currently a Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator of Jonathan Wohl School of Music at Ono Academic College. Visit Doron Kima's official website.



Guy started playing the cello at the age of 7. He studied with Irena Feldman and Andre Markus and proceeded his musical journey in the high school of the Arts Erony A in Tel Aviv. Guy was chosen to play at the excellent cello players concert, which was broadcast live on the Israeli radio. He is currently pursuing his cello performance degree at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance. His principal teacher is Zvi Plesser. Guy is a freelance cellist at the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.     




Elias was born to a musical family. His grand father is a musical instrument maker who devotes his time for making different types of ouds.  He started playing the oud at the age of 11. His father taught him the basics and Elias continued further by himself learning mqam theory, western, and African modes from the Internet. He also studied Greek music for six years with Hananel Hachmon.


As an oud player, Elias was involved in many projects such as a performance in the Yiddish Festival in Weimar, Germany with Yair Dalal, the Voice of Peace Choir, Kadya Choir, and Maestro Alan Bern. Elias was also first prizewinner of the Samy El Maghribi International Oud Competition in 2017. He is currently pursuing his music degree at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and teaching oud and bouzouki. 



Nay player and composer studied turkish classical music with the masters Murat Aydemir, Yurdal Tokcan, and Derya Turkan. Her nay teachers include Sadrettin Ozcimi and Omer Erdogdular. Moran is teaching Turkish music and ensembles in "Makamat" music academy for Makam music . She performed with Nasim Dakwar, Zohar Fresco, Harel Shahal orchestra, Uri Shefi and more.



Eddie was born in Chisinau, Moldova. He studied at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia,  Colegiul de muzica Stefan Neaga, Moldova, and Buchman - Meta School of Music in Tel-Aviv University. He worked with the Israel Sinfonietta Beer - Sheva and currently is leading the second violin group at Israel Camerata Jerusalem



Maram is an Arabic classical music singer. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and currently pursuing her second academic studies in music. As a child, Maram has participated in Arabic TV singing programs, contests, and festivals. After years of performing, Maram decided to take her art to a new level during a peace delegation in the US, where she was exposed to professional musicians. 


During her university studies, Maram appeared in many artistic occasions. After having a break to work as a pharmacist for few years, Maram turned to enrich her knowledge in the Authentic Arabic College for Music and Arts In Nazareth which emphasizes the Arabic "Maqamat" and vocal training.


Maram went on to develop her musicianship at the Jonathan Wohl School of Music at Ono Academic College and is about to conclude her second bachelor’s degree. Due to Maram’s wide musical range and velvet vocal texture she attracted attention of the musical league. Maram is currently at the final stages of a new album that includes Arabic covers and original songs.

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